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We are marketing experts who understand how to engage an audience and how to integrate video content across the marketing mix.

While we’ve learned a great deal by partnering with our friends and colleagues with traditional media, journalism and photography backgrounds, we marketers offer a very different approach that is resetting the bar for business communications. We are uniquely positioned to  help you achieve your business goals in the age of more sophisticated, mobile, discerning audiences.

We are also storytellers and teachers, with an outstanding ability to assist our clients with writing content and bringing it to life. Whether it’s at an event, a sales presentation or on the sofa with the latest smartphone or tablet, we help you engage your audience and deliver your messages with clarity and conviction.

With an extensive body of work and a string of loyal blue-chip clients, we provide a wide range of production capabilities from entry level to high-end pieces that will drive business results.

Our Team of Creative Professionals

  • Andrew Forsyth


    Andrew offers a unique blend of extensive marketing experience with advanced video production skills and the ability to lead and manage teams.

    After starting out with Canon Australia and completing an MBA at Macquarie, he started a new division for Canon Singapore marketing digital imaging devices across SE Asia. Then, after seven years with Microsoft including three as a senior marketing manager in the US subsidiary, Andrew started Pemberton Productions with the aim of helping clients to produce high quality marketing communications that deliver business results.

  • Craig Hardiman (Melbourne)

    Director of Photography

    Craig is a highly respected lighting cameraman in Australia and the U.S., where he has worked on programs such as ABC America, CBS and NBC covering a wide range of news and current affairs (Broadcast Pictures Pty. Ltd.). In addition to Discovery Channel and Animal Planet, he’s also worked on all Australian commercial networks and the ABC.

    With extraordinary finesse and eye for detail, Craig’s ability to tell the story visually is remarkable, whether it’s from the air, live studio based or outside broadcast, on the green screen or in a stylised theatrical setting.

  • Michael Teulon

    Studio Director

    Michael runs Key Studio in North Sydney, a long term business partner we rely on for a turnkey studio solution. As a presentation coach and director, Michael has worked with hundreds of presenters – from the professional through to the very nervous first timer. He creates a relaxed environment and provides useful guidance and simple tips to ensure our clients are confident and authentic.

    Michael has a real skill for coaching and directing which comes from his experience as a presenter and actor. He has appeared in numerous television programs, television advertisements, theatres, websites and radio programs.

    He’s the consummate professional and a ton of fun to work with- if you don’t walk out with a ridiculous grin something’s amiss!

  • Andy Grant

    Director of Photography

    Andy Grant is a highly skilled and creative cameraman with an easy, can-do attitude. With a deep love of the environment, he has a real eye for natural beauty and is a pleasure to have on any shoot.

    Andy completed his film and television education at 21, moving straight onto his first ‘A camera’ television series that same year whilst moonlighting on a Gaffer/Grip truck. He considers the lighting techniques he learnt from respected DoPs were amongst the most important tools a budding lighting cameraman could have mastered.

    Andy moved from New Zealand to Australia at 24 and has spent the last 10 years based in Sydney.

  • Ann Foo


    Ann first discovered a love of editing in a VHS tape-to-tape editing suite in a Perth high school. Since then, she has lived and worked in Sydney, London and New York City, gathering a diverse experience of drama, TV, documentary, and commercials. She approaches each project with her signature blend of passion and integrity and can always be trusted to apply a strong storytelling sensibility and a unique perspective to every project.

    She has completed a Bachelor of Media degree at Macquarie University (Sydney), a Master of Editing at the Australian Film TV and Radio School (Sydney), and was awarded a scholarship to attend Westminster University (London), for partial completion of her undergrad. Her films have screened at festivals including Palms Springs and Raindance, and she has received editing awards from the Australian Screen Editor’s Guild and the Hatchfest festival, Montana.

  • Rebecca Stegh

    Motion Graphic Artist

    Bec has worked as a Senior Motion Designer and Visual Effects Artist over the past 10 years. She’s a whizz with Adobe After Effects and is a flexible and talented team player who consistently delivers great results.

    She started her career in the Film and Television Industry in 2004 after graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts. Her individual talent and creativity immediately secured her a Film Victoria Internship and she was placed within a successful Post Production Company. After completing the internship she stayed with the company for 3 years, eventually becoming Head of Design and Post Production.

    If you want to bring your branding to life with creativity and panache, Bec is hard to beat. See some example of her work at

  • Lance Clayton

    Graphic Artist

    Lance is a multi-disciplinary motion designer /editor with a core love of motion/sound design.

    He has worked on everything from TVC and advertising campaigns, event graphics packages, hype reels, infographics, explainer videos, through to sprites for mobile games and interactive installations. Lance has been there at almost every stage of a project, from weaving the nebulous tendrils of an idea in birth, right through to scripting, design, shoot, edit, workflow R&D, modelling, animation, lighting, composite, grade, and dynamic and enthralling sound design.

  • Rob Scheeren

    Camera Operator

    Rob’s love for capturing images started more than 40 years ago when he was just five years old. His parents gave him an old Kodak box brownie camera, which he still has, and he shot countless rolls of 620 film with it.

    When he was a little older he managed to build a black and white darkroom under his house, so that he could keep shooting and developing; always capturing and creating images. That passion has never left him; through his education, his first job at a Pro Lab in Sydney,his first television job at Channel Ten and his time covering events like the Sydney Olympics, the Bali Bombings, Port Arthur & Thredbo tragedies.  Rob has also covered stories in South Africa, the South Pacific, New Guinea, Indonesia and even Antarctica for the Sydney Bureau of Television New Zealand.

    In 2003 He began a freelance career so that he could continue to pursue and push his creative development as a lighting cameraman and editor; shooting on XDCAM HD formats, the Canon 5D Mark III and Sony FS700R and editing in Avid and Adobe Premiere.

  • Dominic Flanagan

    Director of Photography
    Dominic has an abundance of both technical skills and communication skills that he has developed over the 25 years experience he has working in many countries and with many styles of filming and many different producers and directors.


    Dominic’s love of his art has developed over the years. It began with passion ‘getting the shot’ back in the tv news days. This progressed with the passion for ‘storytelling using images’ when he was working on documentaries in Europe.


    As Dominic’s career progressed lighting became a passion and creating mood and feeling became another way of storytelling and communication using this medium. In more recent years Dominic has been complimented more and more about his manner, especially by corporate clients who are very grateful the way Dom makes them feel relaxed and at ease while being the subject of the latest video.

    This is a clear stand out in Dominic’s repertoire as a DoP. He understands that in order to achieve what the filming requires it is essential to put the subject at ease and feel the trust and freedom to open up and communicate fully.


    This is similar to a photographer who spends time with his subjects. It is the trust that the DoP is ‘looking after’ them, that he will not allow them to look or sound bad on camera and will ‘normalise’ what is (let’s face it) not a normal situation for most people.
    To highlight some of Dominic’s attributes, what sets Dominic apart from many of his peers are the following…


    1. His appreciation of The Story. To make the filming, lighting, communications, in fact the entire experience with the story in mind, the goal as well as the journey.


    2. Capturing the mood in the message. This mood is just as, if not more, important as the words spoken, music played, actions acted.


    3. Dominic is Empathetic and Communicative with all concerned. The talent, the producers and directors, other crew and even the cleaners. It is vitally important to Dom that everyone involved has a positive experience.


    4. Dominic is patient. He enjoys the journey of the storytelling and wants others to enjoy it as well.



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