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What can we learn about marketing and communications from Apple iPod designer, Tony Fadell? – By Andrew Forsyth

July 9, 2022
“I have a love-hate relationship with marketing” says AI researcher Lex Fridman in his recent podcast with Apple iPod designer, Tony Fadell. Surely a great product speaks for itself and the rest is fluff? In his new book, Build, Fadell answers back with delightful clarity and some good old practical wisdom. The iPod was a...
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In Search of the Titans – Great White Shark Expedition with Andrew Fox

June 18, 2021
12 min film Andrew Fox is recognised internationally as a leading authority on Great White Sharks.  He has spent over 40 years introducing filmmakers, photographers, researchers and tourists to what is surely one of the world’s greatest adventures. Winter is the time to see the larger but more elusive females, which can grow up to...
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Biggsie’s Mid-Air Emergency

May 6, 2021
Above: Skyvan pilot Andrew Biggs. We were almost half way to our exit altitude of 14,000 feet when pilot Andrew Biggs made the urgent decision to land. But first he had to give the 17 skydivers on board a chance to make their exit. I had my headphones on and completely missed the call about...
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New Film: My Octopus Teacher – Trick or Treat?

October 24, 2020
Marine life has fascinated has me since I was a kid. Nowadays I spend a lot of time scuba-diving with my soul-mate Janey. We have shared many mesmerising adventures under the waves, sometimes in challenging conditions and other times in more of a hypnotic, meditative state. The depths of winter provide some of the clearest...
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Shooting the ABC News

February 18, 2020
In February 2020 the beach at Narrabeen-Collaroy came under threat from Cyclone Uesi. A powerful North-East swell threatened a repeat of the 2016 storms, where property owners sustained severe erosion and property damage (remember the entire swimming pool falling down the scarp in one piece?). The question was whether the three key forces would again...
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Memory & Imagination in B2B video marketing (5 min read/ 12 min video)

March 12, 2019
In their new book about the science and secrets of memory, Diving for Seahorses, Norwegian sisters Ostby & Ostby claim that the mechanism fuelling our imaginations is identical with that used for reconstructing memories. “…as far as our brains are concerned, the past and future are almost the same”. I’ve often thought my memory was...
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