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Connecting with your audience using the “Piece to Camera”

Connecting with your audience using the “Piece to Camera”

You’re passionate about what you do and the value you have to offer- but how can you connect with your audience in a truly authentic and powerful way?

Well, talk to them.

Nothing beats a relaxed, articulate, well-paced piece to camera, face-to-face.

As exemplar of the piece to camera presentation, psychologist and author Paul Bloom offers some incredibly interesting insights in dealing with our emotions. He argues that empathy is not the best way to care for others and that compassion is a far more effective mechanism. He’s also a master of connecting with his audience – have a look at this for example:

It seems so simple, so easy to do, right? But most people fall apart when called on to speak to an inanimate object – the camera. The key is simply to do the adequate preparation, so that you really know your stuff, and to visualise the audience you are talking to as you are delivering your piece.

Inadequate preparation is almost always the reason why people fail to perform when recording a piece to camera and thereby fail to connect with and inspire their audience.  For those who fail to prepare, I have just a little compassion, but not too much ; )

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