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Substance over form

October 30, 2018
In today’s fragmented world of marketing, media and communication, amid the advertising noise and the overload, there are truly inspirational stories-with the power to motivate people to action and to transform lives, cities and nations.  But how do you find them and bring them to life in a way that captures attention? Storytelling is a...
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Why I do what I do

October 26, 2018
1. My life purpose is to support human flourishing, wellbeing and freedom through science with critical, rational, sceptical thinking and the best of our emotions, art and creativity.  I believe people are at their best when they can think for themselves, have true autonomy and are able use their imaginations to do things in new ways,...
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“Marketing with video” – New Report from AMI & my perspective on the findings

February 5, 2018
I was very interested to read AMI’s recent report “Marketing with video: the state of video production in Australia” (Dec 2017).  The survey was answered by 182 members across sectors important to my business such as technology, financial services and health care which, from previous research, are known to be some of the sectors using video the most....
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DJI Unveils powerful new zoom camera for aerial asset inspection: Zenmuse Z30

November 4, 2017
It was a real thrill to be asked by the guys at Australian UAV to participate in DJI’s launch video for the new Z30 telephoto 30X zoom camera. It was the first time in eight years I’ve been in front of the camera instead of directing, so it was certainly a change of perspective! Andrew...
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Drones in Documentary Film Making (36 min)

October 5, 2017
I recently had the opportunity to give a talk to a group of Australia’s top documentary filmmakers at AFTRS, the Australian Film, Television and Radio School at Fox Studios with Kim Batterham, Head of Cinematography. My task was to discuss the use of drones as a vehicle for storytelling, CASA regulations and logistical considerations for planning film...
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Connecting with your audience using the “Piece to Camera”

August 30, 2017
You’re passionate about what you do and the value you have to offer- but how can you connect with your audience in a truly authentic and powerful way? Well, talk to them. Nothing beats a relaxed, articulate, well-paced piece to camera, face-to-face. As exemplar of the piece to camera presentation, psychologist and author Paul Bloom offers...
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