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Getting more out of corporate video content with Andrew Forsyth and Dominic Flanagan

Getting more out of corporate video content with Andrew Forsyth and Dominic Flanagan

“The Gap” Podcast Episode 1

In this conversation, Andrew Forsyth and Dominic Flanagan, seasoned video production professionals, discuss the intricacies of corporate video production. They highlight the importance of understanding client needs, meticulous pre-production planning, and the challenges of bridging the knowledge gap between clients and production teams. They emphasize the significance of trust, collaboration, and effective on-camera presentation. The discussion includes techniques for media training, handling on-set challenges, and crafting authentic, engaging stories. They conclude with the importance of ongoing education for clients to ensure smooth production processes and fruitful, long-term relationships.



1. Introduction and Background (00:00:00 – 00:02:34)
Andrew Forsyth and Dominic Flanagan introduce themselves and discuss their backgrounds in video production.

2. Bridging the Gap Between Clients and Video Producers (00:02:34 – 00:06:24)
They discuss the importance of understanding the client’s business and helping them develop messaging for video. Pre-production is key.

3. What Clients Don’t Know About Video Production (00:06:24 – 00:10:09)
Video production is complicated – managing vision, sound, lighting and people is challenging. It takes time to get interviews and visuals right.

4. The Importance of Scheduling and Planning (00:10:09 – 00:14:26)
Proper scheduling in pre-production saves time and money in post-production. Flexibility is possible when things are well-planned.

5. Building Trust with Clients and Interviewees (00:14:26 – 00:19:09)
Dominic discusses his approach to making people comfortable on camera and bringing out their best. It’s about connecting with people.

6. Telling Stories vs Just Marketing Products (00:19:09 – 00:24:53)
An example is given of how focusing on the human story elevated a corporate video above just showing the product.

7. When Shoots Go Wrong (00:24:53 – 00:29:10)
Examples are given of when clients try to change the plan on shoot day, leading to delays and problems. The importance of sticking to the schedule is emphasized.

8. Teamwork and Camaraderie on Set (00:29:10 – 00:33:23)
Andrew and Dominic discuss how having a shared understanding of the goal and supporting each other makes shoots successful and enjoyable, despite the demanding work.

9. Educating Clients on Keys to a Successful Shoot (00:33:23 – 00:38:40)
They realize more needs to be done to educate clients on critical factors like pre-production, scheduling, and allowing enough time, in order to get the best results.

10. On-Camera Training (00:38:40 – 00:49:56)
Dominic discusses his experience with on-camera training, helping people overcome nervousness and be their authentic selves on camera.

11. The Importance of Authenticity (00:49:56 – 00:52:26)
In an age of increasing synthetic media, the ability to capture authentic human communication on camera is becoming a vital skill.

12. Conclusion – A Rewarding Collaboration (00:52:26 – 01:14:16)
Andrew and Dominic reflect on their fulfilling careers helping clients tell powerful stories through video. When clients understand how much they care, it leads to fruitful long-term relationships.

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