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The rise of the drones

The rise of the drones

About a year ago I had a nasty accident, tearing my hamstring off my pelvis.  I managed to do the splits while windsurfing in the waves.  After surgery and weeks on some pretty heavy drugs I began the long and arduous process of rehabilitation.  One thing that has kept me involved with the action sports I love was learning to film from the air, with the latest in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The pace of innovation in this area is staggering.  Locked in position by satellites in space, they can take off and hover at the push of a button. The aircraft uses a slew of integrated technologies to allow easy flight, beaming magical pictures down to the controller in real time.

Remote controlled aircraft have always been challenging to fly, however, today the real issue is not in flying, but in complying with industry regulations and mitigating all manner of risks. As a remote pilot you are entering commercial airspace and have a responsibility to abide by similar regulations to manned aircraft.

It’s so specialised and demanding that many UAV operators focus purely on aerial photography and nothing else.

Our approach is a little different.  With a wide range of expertise in business video production we are able to offer breathtaking aerial imagery as icing on the cake.  While aerial shots are extremely compelling, viewer engagement is a product of interesting and relevant people and their stories and how well those stories are crafted for the screen.  If aspects of the story can be illustrated from the air, it’s another way to keep your audience interested and attentive.

Pemberton Productions is Certified, Licensed and Insured for UAV services and our clients can focus on the pictures, not the risks.

So now I’m back on the water and 99% recovered, with one more arrow in the quiver.  The opportunities are endless and I’m excited to see where our clients’ imagination will take us with the new DJI Inspire 1.

Andrew Forsyth


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