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Drones in Grazier’s Hellfire

February 5, 2016
The town of Bungendore, set in a scenic green valley in the New South Wales southern tablelands, is an important crossroads linking Goulburn, Braidwood, Queanbeyan, Canberra and Cooma. Nearby Mount Fairy is home to graziers whose cattle and sheep roam large tracts of farmland and a wind farm powered by the prevailing winds that careen through...
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The rise of the drones

November 23, 2015
About a year ago I had a nasty accident, tearing my hamstring off my pelvis.  I managed to do the splits while windsurfing in the waves.  After surgery and weeks on some pretty heavy drugs I began the long and arduous process of rehabilitation.  One thing that has kept me involved with the action sports I...
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A Bull in a China Shop

July 23, 2015
I have huge respect for anybody who runs their own business and successfully competes with the big end of town, especially if they do it in a way which reduces negative impacts on the environment. Harris Farm is doing some innovative things in a hotly contested market, and I had the opportunity to learn more about...
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Skydiving 101 – How to save yourself when things go horribly wrong…

October 30, 2014
Two years in the making… this was one of the most incredible and challenging projects I’ve ever worked on. Cutaway! Australian Parachute Federation’s malfunction training video is designed to be used as an educational supplement to the required first jump course. Featuring demonstrations by Australian skydiving champion, Michael Vaughan, it shows the different types of...
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Hilti Video October 2014

October 23, 2014
We had the pleasure of working with MD Jan Pacas, Anne Adamson & the extended team at Hilti for their latest internal video and wow do they have some serious hardware which simply blew us away. Hilti jackhammers have effective vacuum cleaners attached to reduce dust exposure and drillbits with hollow tubes to suck the...
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Content + Social = Quick and cost effective Lead Generation?

March 26, 2013
Veronika Birnkammer, Marketing Options International- “Content is King!” So says… well, everyone!  Everybody is blowing the same whistle – “Content” must surely be a contestant for the most overused term in marketing in 2013. Sure, content needs to become more relevant, of higher quality, well targeted and it must stand out from the competitor’s content....
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